Lux Novels

Lux Series

By Jennifer Armentrout

         Being done with Obsidian and Onyx, thought I would stop by and say: Oh My Lord! Even when I find Katy a tiny bit annoying, Daemon on the other hand can be very annoying for her, I find him Hilarious, he may be egocentric and proud and full of himself but I like the character, what can I say? Bad guys are hot and I think I relate to him in some levels.

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The list of books I want to read grows every day and every single time I finish one I look around (metaphorically) and no one is there to share my feelings on the book, I’m quite aware that readers in the world feel the same, at least the ones that don’t have a close friend that can match our speed of reading, that is why I created this blog because sometimes writing about it, Helps, it just does, if anyone reads my “reviews” on different books then great, if not at least I would have let it all out of my system. Thank you for entering my world of words. I love writing and here I go again, now with my thoughts on books I like.

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