The Vampire Diaries Series

The Vampire Diaries

by L.J. Smith

How a true “teenage” vampire should act…

A read these books I think a year or so after the Twilight Saga, I cannot recall actually, it was after I know that much and boy! Did it open my eyes, of course so it had: Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice but that book is a different type of history and drama.

The Vampire Diaries Series are one of my favourite books since I started to really appreciated reading, Elena Gilbert is a powerful character (not like that TV Series they made which truly put the word Based On to good use, it should be more like loosely-barely-scarcely based on, that is all I have to say); back to Elena, she can be annoying I admit that but she unlike others, knows she is gorgeous and that she could have any man she wanted, beneath it all she has a kind heart (too kind sometimes) but what it is best from the books, you know it… Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore, you may have seen them on a good position in my list of male characters and if you haven’t that’s alright, For the first time it is a shame that I don’t like to give spoilers, because I absolutely adore these two characters, each one in their different way.

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