Very Special Edition: Castle season finale

Let me number it all for you, the emotions I had in the finale… sadness, when it started because I knew it was the last one, fear because at every turn I was waiting for someone to kill Kate, relief (short lived) each time she was alright, or Kevin or Javi, or even Castle was, then something akin to excitement or adrenaline with those shooting sessions, discovering who was LokSat should have come more like a surprise but it was like disappointment rather. But when Caleb was very much alive and shot Rick, I literally gasped in surprise…

Oh! Not to mention the moment Nathan Fillion made me literally cry, when the names of the people who knew about LokSat, were been pulled out of him with the truth serum, this was one hell of a ride, guys. And I cannot begin to say just how much I liked the episode in a I-don’t-want-it to end kind of way.

It was a great show and I enjoyed, learned to loved, and will always and forever love Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion, Kate and Castle were just too great not to watch, and gave life to that series, I am sad that it ended, and I thought they were going to be left for dead on that last scene, and actually I think that was going to be the season finale if the show hadn’t been cancelled. And then that epilogue that gave the fans was just a bit of a relief, to see them alive and happy 7 years later, thank you for that.

CASTLE - "Crossfire" -

CASTLE – “Crossfire” –

But it was a great episode, they truly had us going there and my attention was not unfocused once, so I know it was good.

That’s all, I hope you like reading about shows and books, because I have tons of recommendations here on the blog.


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