Where She Went

By Gayle Forman

And a little something about: If I Stay

Alright, everyone ready for this?


I mean seriously, I spent like 5 or 10 minutes after I was done with the book looking through wiki and Gayle’s official website for another piece of Adam and Mia, and you know what I found? You know it, Nothing!

Where she went ended like that, and that’s that… very eloquent of me. I don’t care at the moment. Is almost midnight right now, I’ll probably post this sometime tomorrow, meaning the 13th of Jan 2014. But I just finished reading Where She Went like I just mentioned and, ok, bravo to Gayle Forman because she definitely hooked me with this one, I literally read the book in half a day with intermissions, if you ask my app reader I read it in 5 hours total or so. I jumped from If I Stay right into this one because it was such a cliffhanger with the other, the way it was in the movie, which by the way is great and I must confess it was because of it and amazing Chloë Grace Moretz and Jamie Blackley, that I even considered reading it. Hey, I’m sorry if for the first time ever I said that, I was trying to be honest if you know anything about me at all or my reading style than I’m sure you’ll understand, this is a weird thing for me, to see a movie before reading the book but then again it was Chloë acting and I adore that girl.

Back to the point, I’d been reading If I Stay since last year and just recently finished it and well I couldn’t stay in limbo (no pun intended), I just went and got the second part and what is my surprise? Is Adam’s POV, I was freaking excited, I was: oh my freaking lord!!! this is Adam, even if it doesn’t say as much for a few lines, you just know is him; fine, if you read the description beforehand you will already know that but if like me, you went from one to other without looking around for info about it then you got as thrilled as I did, I hope there’s someone like that out in the world.

This turned out to be a long talk about how much I enjoyed the books, especially the latter but this is how I roll and if you haven’t read any other of my other “reviews” then you’ll know what to expect.

It was genius this Where She Went book, truly I recommend it.
I probably should had talked some more of If I Stay but by now, unless you have been living under a rock, you read the first book and seen the movie.

Jan 13th addition:

I read this question on GoodReads today when I was looking for the cover of the book, “Did You wanted a different ending?”

And I said to myself, did I? I don’t think so, despite the fact that like everyone else I would have loved to have more of Adam and yes Mia, but mostly Adam of course, even though we don’t get to have any of it anymore it was a good ending for how the story was, the plot, their life, it all led to that I admit as much, so no, I was good with that ending.

And just reading the whole thing that I wrote last night, under the influence of sleep deprivation and Adam image fresh in my head, I realize I didn’t that much but I believe that the end result points out just how much I enjoyed the book, I haven’t been this in into a book since: City of Heavenly Fire, The Drákon Series or way back like with The Deathly Hallows, I like the feeling. It reminds me why I love to write and leads to finish my own stories, so I can have complete strangers in the world excited about my own characters.

I hope you read Where She Went and come back here to leave a comment about it or if you already read it then comment away or share this piece with others, either way it would be nice.

“Needle and thread, flesh and bone Spit and sinew, heartbreak is home”

 Stitch – Collateral Damage

“Won’t you recreate me…”

Animate – Collateral Damage

collateral damage songs From Where she went, book

Collateral Damage songs
From Where she went, book

A little of If I Stay the movie:

Thank you for reading everyone, hope your next book is a good one.

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