The Time Weaver

Drákon #5

The Time Weaver

Author: Shana Abé

If I’m to be honest, I didn’t have my hopes up for this one. There! I admit it.

With that out of the way, I can say I was: so freaking wrong. That book is great, I don’t know how Shana did it but The Time Weaver managed to capture my attention just as equally like The Smoke Thief, which is book 1 in the Drákon Series, TTW being the last statement.

I won’t say much because this one I really don’t want to say a thing, I want all to read it. I recommend it completely, of course maybe you’ll like to read the first 4 books to know what the heck is going on or at least have some idea. I’m telling you I read them all, and I had a difficult time catching up.

So, you have Alexandru, the male character who is great. I thought the others were cool and all, especially Kit from book 1 but Alexandru was fairly nice as well *smiling*. Carrying on, there’s Honor your: you-think-it-will-be-a-typical-girl and then… she’s not. For some parts she can be on the annoying side but not all the time, I think that goes for every character in every book because if you think about it they will, eventually, end up doing something which will annoy the heck out of you… anyways, I lost my train of thought.

I have no idea what to tell you and what not, any detail could be spoiler no matter how small it is.

Ok, the books are about dragons in case you didn’t already know, henceforth they are actually…. What’s that word I am looking for? Oh yeah! Freaking Awesome!  When I first found Shana Abé all those moons ago (Ehm, last year) , I thought “Hey, this could be cool”; understatement of the year, they’re great, no seriously, I have said that like a 3000 times on other blog entries about the rest of the books, but it is what it is. I can’t help myself when a series is that good.

Quick recap… Smoke Thief: ♥Kit♥ and Rue, introduction to dragons. Dream Thief: Lia… oh! This is going to get complicated, I can’t say anything else. Queen of Dragons: Kim… yeah the book was good. Treasure Keeper: Rhys… good reading. Ok, so I was supposed to say something nice and quick about each one but somehow I can’t because you will kind of figure the whole thing just by reading this, and if you’re planning on reading the books then you’ll know beforehand the pairings.

Shana’s a genius…

Well then, since I already said what I ought or could about The Time Weaver with nothing further, I really recommend it, you will probably have to read the others first to comprehend everything in it but that shouldn’t be a problem, if you really like reading.

Until the next one, don’t forget to tell others about this and always recommend a good book.



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