The Mortal Instruments

By Cassandra Clare

Where to begin? Once upon a time, oh wait! That’s not it.

The Mortal Instruments, these books were first recommend by a friend a long time ago, I didn’t heed his recommendations not in the slightest, he even sent me the books (Yes Ebook reader here, in case you didn’t know), I was like “Yes, I’ll read them” and then I would add a muttered: Someday.

I was so mistaken then, The Mortal Instruments are great, don’t be fool by the movie, they gave it a good try with that and we fans hope they do better with the TV Series, the movie has three great things: Jamie Campbell Bower, Jonathan Rhys Meyer, Aidan Turner. Oh! Make that, 4 things with Lena Headey. So yes, it could have been awesome if they had known who would be watching the movie. Done with that. No wait, Kevin Zegers, I didn’t know him before, now I have a couple of photos of him in my phone along with other actors, ok now I’m done.

The books are the important thing here.

City of: Bones, Ashes, Glass, Fallen Angels and Lost Souls. They are quite the pack, you can’t read one and stop and restart later on, they are meant to be read one after the other. Well at least that is how I read them, mainly because I could not stop myself, they were intoxicating. They all have little things to fix upon but I liked the 3rd one and the 5th, actually I was kind of suffering a bit on the 5th and then… it was over, suddenly and leaving me waiting for City of Heavenly Fire (scheduled 27 May 2014), let us hope that is the date, that in three months I would be able to read it.

Shall I talk about the characters? I think it is only fair, women on these books don’t hold much of my attention but for Isabelle Lightwood, she’s awesome. Clary Fray I have mentioned her before, sometimes she’s annoying sometimes she isn’t, end of the story.

The male characters (*Big smile*), Jace Lightwood, arrogant, gorgeous, overconfident, golden haired, see a pattern? I like him actually, I found him hilarious, well he is not the only one that I found hilarious in the book, which brings me to the second character that I Love in these Books, actually he should had been before Jace, is Magnus Bane, I will use a phrase I don’t normally use: OMFG!

Magnus is too amazing to be true (he isn’t real obviously). I adore that character, him and Alec Lightwood. I believe Cassandra did a nice job there with those two.

Magnus for instance is funny, beautiful, has the most eerie eyes and… I don’t know how to describe him, you’d have to read and find out.

I imagine Alec like a “cutie”, he is adorable, can be shy at times, mind you he did some things which made me scream at the scream of my cell phone, ordering him to please stop and yet all in all, at the end of the day I would read a book just with him and Magnus and be quite content.

There are the Infernal Devices, also by Cassandra, I haven’t read them yet, even though they are on my list but I know that if I start reading it will probably be like a drug, like The Mortal Instruments were or Divergent or Lux Novels or Drákon Series (which by the way is the series I am currently reading), I can’t help myself if the books are good, I have to know all the details, I know all the book lovers understand me.

The Mortal Instruments By Casandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments By Casandra Clare


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