The Vampire Diaries Series

The Vampire Diaries

by L.J. Smith

How a true “teenage” vampire should act…

A read these books I think a year or so after the Twilight Saga, I cannot recall actually, it was after I know that much and boy! Did it open my eyes, of course so it had: Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice but that book is a different type of history and drama.

The Vampire Diaries Series are one of my favourite books since I started to really appreciated reading, Elena Gilbert is a powerful character (not like that TV Series they made which truly put the word Based On to good use, it should be more like loosely-barely-scarcely based on, that is all I have to say); back to Elena, she can be annoying I admit that but she unlike others, knows she is gorgeous and that she could have any man she wanted, beneath it all she has a kind heart (too kind sometimes) but what it is best from the books, you know it… Stefan Salvatore and Damon Salvatore, you may have seen them on a good position in my list of male characters and if you haven’t that’s alright, For the first time it is a shame that I don’t like to give spoilers, because I absolutely adore these two characters, each one in their different way.

Stefan is nice, green-eyed, a gentle soul, he is amazing, the things he would say… **sighing like a fan girl** I believe Lisa Smith did a fantastic job with those books.

Carrying on, Damon Salvatore, how should I put him? Which words should I use? I don’t know if this qualifies as spoiler but to be call “Princess of Darkness” is something that I would not mind, yes spoiler but I had to say it, I couldn’t help it and it is but a small thing. A word to describe Damon, right, Extravagant could be one, don’t go picturing colours and flashy cloths, no, I mean more like, Exuberant, Lively, Striking, I think I got carried away by my fascination on Damon but he is a great character, some or most probably will not like him, since he tends to be annoying sometimes but he is also hilarious and at the end of the day, you end up wanting to read more about Damon Salvatore.

About the book per se, the story is weird, book one and two take you on a path, you go: yes, of course, sure; then all of the sudden in book three and four you are flipped over and go adrift wondering what happened, I am not saying they are bad or have little coherency with the others but Smith can confuse you, so be wary if you haven’t read the books. There are other 3 final books, which are more inclined to Damon’s side, they are also great.

There were some issues after The Return, which is the trilogy entailing mainly Damon and other characters, which I will not name, due to the fact that it would give a major spoiler.

Later came The Hunters wrote by a ghostwriter and then The Salvation both were Trilogies. I must confess I read up until The Return which are L.J. Smith works, after that I was not interested mostly because another writer will never know how the original author intended to finish a history, a friend of mine told me she started reading them but did continue because they were odd and not completely what she expected; while writing this though I discovered that L.J. Smith released as Fan Fic on Amazon Kindle, books about the events after The Return: Midnight, that I will definitely read.

If you know nothing about these books, I live you this.


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