Drakon Series- Uptade

I do not know if you read before but I found the Drakon Series and said I wanted to read it, well I am now, two months later but I am, can I say, I Love It! Shana Abe is great. The book is New Adult so far, I don’t know how it will transform later on.

Of course it has fantasy. I forgot to mention that particular fact. And I enjoyed the first part of these books very much, it had Dragons, it was all I needed.

I am on the second part, so far it has moments where my thoughts drift off but it also has interesting facts or more like parts of history, which I will definitely search for.

I must add that New Adult, Young Adult and Adult, are new terms for me. When started reading there was over 18 and the rest. So pardon me, if I don’t place the correct category. Drákon is more Adult than anything else.


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