Idhún’s Memories

The Idhún’s Memories

By Laura Gallego García

Greatest Spanish book ever!!! Noticed the 3 exclamations points? Exactly, it is that good.

My favourite book or one of my favourites, fantasy yes.

I was going to describe some on the creatures on the books but it may take emotion out of reading it, when I read I didn’t know a thing about it only that it was fantasy.

Side note time: I wrote this by hand in a little notebook that has Harry Potter on the cover J and I did it here because I’m working. The end.

Yes when I wrote that done, I was working on what has to be the most tiresome day-job ever.

Back to Kirtash, I mean Idhun’s Memories. Idhun is a trilogy and recently a graphic novel based on the books, clearly.

The story takes us through several phases of unknown paths, crannies and more, discovering the world around the books, mainly this unknown parts are on the side of Jack who shows us what we don’t know trough his eyes. There is also Victoria, who clears up for us and Jack some of the dilemmas and also we have, Kirtash (*happy sigh*), if you have read my other entries you may know that name already, Kirtash happens to be one of the characters I love the most, he is listed Nº 1 on my literally list of boyfriends, platonic loves, whatever you wish to call it.

Other characters include: Shail, Alsan (Not to be confused with Aslan, the Lion from C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia). There’s also, Gerde, Ashran, Kimara and many others.

I know those books back and forth, on every one of the three something surprising happens.

I read them each like 3 times I think, no more like this: the first one, Resistencia 2 times, 2nd Tríada, 3 or 4 times and Panteón 2 times, you can easily guess which I loved more.

Is it really necessary that I say: I recommend the books? I don’t think it is, obviously this trilogy is one of my favourite like I already said; everyone has their own tastes I am quite aware of that but even if you don’t like fantasy books, you could easily learn to like it with Idhun.

One day I hope to meet Laura Gallego and tell her “You are amazing, thank you for writing Idhu’s Memories”, if only…

Memorias de Idhún

Memorias de Idhún


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