Twilight Series

Twilight Saga

By Stephenie Meyer

 Some Spoilers

 I will write some things about Twilight because it was the saga I loved for a while before I knew what true vampires could really be like (Vampire Diaries). I am not going criticize neither Stephenie Meyer nor her work, she has potential but she is also a new author well newer than L.J Smith or Anne Rice.

If this was a blog about the movies I would be a critic and probably a mean one but I created this small space to talk about books. That said; Twilight, I love it I read it the first time in a weekend, New Moon I held in my hands and was so excited then I opened the book and everything changed (when the Fire Nation attacked *grinning* sorry Avatar fanatic), seriousness now I stared reading New Moon which was a gift from a cousin, Edward left and suddenly the world came crashing down, you could not breath, everything was falling apart **sigh**, Bella please! Keep it together woman, there are other vampires in the world find another; I am quite aware that it is the love of her life, soul-mates and all that jazz but still, the way she crumbled I was suffering, until the end when all went back to normal.

Now Eclipse, I read Eclipse several times I loved it that much (back then), it had so many little things and Edward was back at being as wonderful as in the first book, even better. Alice one of my favourite characters lovely, charming, taking no shhh from no one. Jacob, Jacob is well him, especially if you picture him as Taylor Lautner.

Side note: I used to be such a fan, quoting the books, uploading photos.

 I read Breaking Dawn and that one had some parts (mainly Bella’s POV) that made me read faster so I could get to the action, which did not happen, the movie is so not the book. But I was content with the book, it was nice, that sounds forced. Let me try again, when I read those books many moons ago as in years ago I liked them thought they were great, then I read The Vampire Diaries and Damon & Stefan Salvatore took root in my heart. Do I recommend the Twilight Saga? Yes, not as strongly as I would have back in 2008 but it is good to read all books, to do comparisons to see if you like this one more than another. You have to read at least the first one to disapprove with basses, if a true fan read this than I am sorry if she felt offended.

Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper, Carlisle and Esme are characters that will be forever hold a special place in my book-soul, Edward and Alice too and Jacob and Nessie.

How they act that is what I like their personalities not so much the marble hard vampire thing who shines in the sun.

I would like to add that if Catherine Hardwicke would have directed all the movies, they last four could have being much much better.

I think that’s all I have to say.



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