5th Wave

So about The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey, haven’t finish it yet. 62% and now is getting exciting although I’m still waiting to get surprised I don’t know if it is that I was measuring all the possibilities while Cassie (main character) was talking/thinking delusional thoughts throughout the whole book or if I am just deductive or maybe Rick wrote it in that way so WE, the readers, would know but Cassie wouldn’t. I had one surprise many chapters ago but the rest I was: Yes, exactly. What else could it have been?

I am not saying the book is bad; it’s great actually, I was just pointing those parts out. The worst as usual (lately) is that I have to wait until September 16th 2014, supposedly, to read the 2nd part (*sigh*).


Over and done. The 5th Wave takes you to this post-apocalyptic place where all you can think of is how would I do things? I guess all post-apocalyptic settings that you read do that for you. The book, the end of the book: what on earth Rick Yancey? Are you for real? Not my exact words but close. I’m losing it, Cassie, Sam and Zombie, seriously?

Now the long wait until September. Is going to be a long year.

In general context, I liked it of course I wouldn’t even be bothering to write this if I would not have enjoyed Cassie running around thinking she is the last human on earth (only a 16 year-old would think that), me and my fixation with criticizing 16 year-olds, can’t help it.

Sammy was better, Zombie I’m sorry but he didn’t grow on me, not in the slightest. Cassie did grow on me the longer I read the better she got and Evan Walker? Is Evan, he is not high on my list of male characters but he is a force to be reckon. All in all I liked it, it gives you aliens and conspiracies, kids running around killing, mystery, drama, some jokes here and there; is an enjoyable reading. Yes I recommend it, me and the thousands other fans I am sure it has in the world.


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