Hush Hush Saga

Hush Hush

By Becca Fitzpatrick

I Love Patch

That is it, that is all I have to say, Not! Lol, actually I spent like a week or so thinking of Patch Cipriano after I was done with the saga; I was/am so smitten, captivated and all of that, I don’t know what it is about Patch I just know that I find him breath-taking and one of the best male characters.

I haven’t felt like that since Kirtash from Memorias de Idhún (The Idhún’s Memories) awesome book by the way, back to Patch he is so Him, really big words there I know, maybe is the way Nora (The main character) describes him or how well Becca gave life to Patch, there is something to be said about that angel, after you are done with the books you wish you have a Patch for you and you alone. In general the books are good, convince? I didn’t think so, if you can ignore the fact that Nora Grey (not related to Christian Grey) sometimes is a bit exasperating then you should be good to go, I know I say a lot that the female characters are annoying but is true they are, not all of them such as: Daenerys Targaryen, Ginny Weasley, Claire Abshire, Abby Abernathy, Tris Prior, etc. The rest? I won’t even go there.

            When I finished Hush Hush, I immediately went for Crescendo, Silence and Finale. One after the other, when the books are good I can’t stop with Divergent I had to stop because Allegiant wasn’t out, so I filled my days with The Mortal Instruments and The Maze Runner. When HH was over in my life I felt incomplete and complete, incomplete because Patch would be only in my memories and complete because it was an enjoyable read. I recommend it if you like romances, drama and a good storyline.

Did I mention that I love Patch Cipriano? Hope you read it.

Quote from Hush Hush, made by me :)

Quote from Hush Hush, made by me 🙂


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