Lux Novels

Lux Series

By Jennifer Armentrout

         Being done with Obsidian and Onyx, thought I would stop by and say: Oh My Lord! Even when I find Katy a tiny bit annoying, Daemon on the other hand can be very annoying for her, I find him Hilarious, he may be egocentric and proud and full of himself but I like the character, what can I say? Bad guys are hot and I think I relate to him in some levels.

I’m reading the third book Opal and its going quite well, crazy stuff happening. I hope Katy stop making things that make me say, “Are you kidding me?” Every 5 seconds or so, I know she’s a teenager but come on, when I was 17, 18 I did not act like her and wouldn’t have made decesions like the ones she made, I’m not in a book, life isn’t wonderfully a fantasy world, still, you can’t help picture yourself doing things differently.

I went completely of track there, back to Daemon (*smiling*) he is great, more male characters could use a class or two from him. An alien that is hot (in all the ways), that can make you want to punch on the arm and kiss all in the same instant, that’s how it goes with him.

Update: Opal

DONE! It was a good one, I think almost always the third statement are the good ones, HP and the Prisoner of AzkabanSilence (Hush Hush), City of Glass (TMI Series), others =D


 I almost never say this but OMG, I can’t believe I have to wait a whole year (8 months) for the next book, Origin went from good to nice and right into the land of WTF, in case you can’t tell, yes I liked it, a lot. I strongly recommend the Lux Novels, I have done so, my family and friends are “Yes, we’ll read it stop being so annoying”. I can’t help it, actually I recommend almost every book I read because when I read something is because I make sure first that I will like it and not get bore to dead half way through it.

So yes, read away people you’re going to fall in love with them… starting with Daemon. One of the Best Male Characters ever created.

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