Hush Hush Saga

Hush Hush

By Becca Fitzpatrick

I Love Patch

That is it, that is all I have to say, Not! Lol, actually I spent like a week or so thinking of Patch Cipriano after I was done with the saga; I was/am so smitten, captivated and all of that, I don’t know what it is about Patch I just know that I find him breath-taking and one of the best male characters.

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Lux Novels

Lux Series

By Jennifer Armentrout

         Being done with Obsidian and Onyx, thought I would stop by and say: Oh My Lord! Even when I find Katy a tiny bit annoying, Daemon on the other hand can be very annoying for her, I find him Hilarious, he may be egocentric and proud and full of himself but I like the character, what can I say? Bad guys are hot and I think I relate to him in some levels.

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New Book Found

“I found you on my darkest hour” sorry couldn’t help it, the song I Found You by The Wanted popped in my head (The Wanted Fan ^_^).

I found a new book series while researching some genre series to see where which one fits; Drakon Series, about Dragons which are my favorite mythological creatures, of is going to the list of books to read, maybe I’ll put it on the top 5 to read ASAP. Is by Shana Abe. So I wanted to express my feelings on that. Cheers.


Divergent Trilogy


By Veronica Roth.

The Best Dystopian I know. So far, it had been one of the best in every genre I have read since I started reading many moons ago with the Harry Potter Series (which you’ll notice how much I love in weeks to come). Back to Divergent, of course I will not say any spoiler, I loathe spoilers so I won’t have that on my e-pages; now the love I have for Four is weird, he is not The Character for me but he is amazing and in my mind’s eye quite gorgeous and hot, if I wore in a new place he would definitely be the guy I would go to, for a tour LOL.

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Books and Characters competition

My feelings sometimes aren’t that this book is better than the other, I am mostly inclined to believe that all books have their own little things, different details that make them unique and I don’t like comparing them to each other.

The same happens with the characters, specially the male characters clearly.

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The list of books I want to read grows every day and every single time I finish one I look around (metaphorically) and no one is there to share my feelings on the book, I’m quite aware that readers in the world feel the same, at least the ones that don’t have a close friend that can match our speed of reading, that is why I created this blog because sometimes writing about it, Helps, it just does, if anyone reads my “reviews” on different books then great, if not at least I would have let it all out of my system. Thank you for entering my world of words. I love writing and here I go again, now with my thoughts on books I like.

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